Thursday, March 12th, 2015

08:30 h. Registration and material.
09:00 h. Presentation of the Course.
  Voice disorder: a comprehensive understanding for an effective and comprehensive approach.
  •  Laryngeal stroboscopy.
     Bruno Coulombeau
  •  Basis for phonosurgery.
     Ferran Ferran
  •  Disfunctional aspects of phonatory (voicing) habits.
     Pepi Martín
  •  Other aspects: emotional, social, etc.
     Cori Casanova
10:30 h. Clinical cases: acquired pathology, congenital pathology.
  Queralt Botey // Cori Casanova // Ferran Ferran // Marta Jordana // Pepi Martín // Gemma Solà
12:00 h. Coffee break.
12:30 h. … Clinical cases.
14:00 h. Work lunch.
  •  Asador de Aranda.
     Avinguda del Tibidabo, 31. 08022 Barcelona.
     Tel.: +(34) 93.417.01.15.
16:00 h. Workshops:
  •  Phonosurgery and larynx stroboscopy: indispensable connection.
     Cori Casanova // Ferran Ferran
  •  Seeing the voice: physiopathological hypothesis in real time.
     Pepi Martín // Marta Jordana // Queralt Botey // Gemma Solà
17:30 h. Coffee break.
18:00 h. … Workshops.
19:30 h. End of the day.

Friday, March 13th, 2015

08:30 h. Live phonosurgery session:
  •  4 cases.
  •  Pre-surgery assessment, voice therapy and treatment, justification for surgical    decisions.
  Coffee break in the morning.
14:00 h. Work lunch.
  •  Asador de Aranda.
     Avinguda del Tibidabo, 31. 08022 Barcelona.
     Tel.: +(34) 93.417.01.15.
16:00 h. Making decisions in phonosurgery.
  Pilar Nieto // José Dalmau
16:45 h. Anesthesia for phonosurgery. Does voice therapy have any role?
  Ziortza Landaluce // Marta Jordana
17:15 h. Coffee break.
17:45 h. Intracordal cist: open and closed, surgical results. Limitations and possibilities.
  Bruno Coulombeau // Romain Perouse // Cori Casanova // Ferran Ferran
18:30 h. End of the day.
21:00 h. Closing dinner.
  •  Restaurant Mirador del Palau – Palau de la Música.
     Palau de la Música, 4-6. 08003 Barcelona.
     Tel.: +(34) 93.310.22.51 –

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

09:30 h. Differential diagnosis between essential tremor and spastic disphonia.
Approach and treatment.
  Markus Hess
10:30 h. Taking surgical decisions in vocal disorder, how and why.
  •  Laryngeal papillomatosis.
     Ferran Ferran
  •  Singing voice.
     Cori Casanova
11:00 h. Coffee break.
11:30 h. Continuation with: taking surgical decisions in vocal disorder, how and why.
  •  Children dysphonia.
     Bruno Coulombeau // Romain Perouse
  •  Contributions of voice therapy in surgical decisions.
     Queralt Botey // Gemma Solà
  •  Laryngeal palsy.
     Markus Hess
12:30 h. Closing arguments: conditions for a good surgical decision.
13:00 h. End of the Course.
Voice Course Barcelona

Voice Course Barcelona is the project that has emerged from the professional team Consulta Veu to enhance and internationalize their teaching, medical and outreach activities in the field of voice health.

Voice Course Barcelona

Consulta Veu is a team of phoniatricians, speech therapists and otolaryngologists who in 1998 decided to associate to work in the field of voice from an interdisciplinary perspective. All of them try to adapt the teamwork that had been privileged to see and learn beyond their borders to their capabilities and the local situation.

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