Welcome to V Course on Diagnostic and functional and phonosurgical Treatment of Benign Lesions of the Vocal Folds

We began this journey in 2003 during our first course, along with Dr. Guy Cornut and Dr. Marc Bouchayer, who from Lyon made possible new perspectives on voice and phonosurgery be known at the international level.

In our latest course in 2010, we focused on voice disorder in a comprehensive manner: diagnosis, voice therapy,and phonosurgical treatment, devoting a whole morning to live surgery, and including at all times the phoniatric exploration, particularly the laryngostroboscopy.

In this new course, to be held in 2015, we are going to address the congenital voice pathology further; specially the epidermic cysts and sulcus. We will bear in mind the role that functional work and voice therapy play in a good evolution. In order to do so, we have planned specific voice therapy workshops, adapted to the patient’s phonatory habits and the characteristics of the lesions. We also would like to emphasize on MAKING DECISIONS on phonosurgery, which is not only a key element, but also a complex and indispensable element to obtain a good result in the therapeutic process.

We count with professors who have an extensive clinical experience, and who like us, share the multifactorial approach to assist patients with voice disorder.

All the above, with the will to provide the patients with the treatment that best suits their needs, according to their personal characteristics and lesion; and counting with our experience as a team of phoniatricians, ENT-phonosurgeons and speech therapists.

We hope phoniatricians, ENT-phonosurgeons and speech therapists, interested in an interdisciplinary understanding of voice disorder, find this course appealing.

We look forward to seeing you.

Dra. Cori Casanova, Phoniatrician / Dr. Ferran Ferran, ENT and phonosurgeon

Voice Course Barcelona

Voice Course Barcelona is the project that has emerged from the professional team Consulta Veu to enhance and internationalize their teaching, medical and outreach activities in the field of voice health.

Voice Course Barcelona

Consulta Veu is a team of phoniatricians, speech therapists and otolaryngologists who in 1998 decided to associate to work in the field of voice from an interdisciplinary perspective. All of them try to adapt the teamwork that had been privileged to see and learn beyond their borders to their capabilities and the local situation.

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