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Our primary mission is to train future professionals in the field of Psychology, Educational Science of Physical Activity and Sport, Speech Therapy and Applied Languages ​​and Translation (English). We offer high-quality level of professional and personalized studies. We count with an established tradition of practice, and promote and share an international focus of the studies. In addition, we focus on the personal, emotional and social skills, which are so necessary in the professional world.

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¡Welcome to Barcelona!

V Course on Diagnostic and functional and phonosurgical Treatment of Benign Lesions of the Vocal Folds will take place in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the administrative and cultural capital of Catalonia. More than two thousand years of history of the city have left their mark on the architectural, artistic and cultural heritage. Its excellent location in international communications, the Mediterranean climate and cosmopolitan character make Barcelona an exceptional city.

To learn more about Barcelona, ​​how to get around it, and know what are the most interesting places to visit, you can use the links we present below.

Voice Course Barcelona

Voice Course Barcelona is the project that has emerged from the professional team Consulta Veu to enhance and internationalize their teaching, medical and outreach activities in the field of voice health.

Voice Course Barcelona

Consulta Veu is a team of phoniatricians, speech therapists and otolaryngologists who in 1998 decided to associate to work in the field of voice from an interdisciplinary perspective. All of them try to adapt the teamwork that had been privileged to see and learn beyond their borders to their capabilities and the local situation.

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